Why living on a budget doesn’t have to mean budget living

budgeting for luxury

When you hear the word budget, do images of frugal living spring to mind? Does it automatically bring thoughts of restriction, bargain hunting and a lack of luxuries?

For many people, the idea of doing a budget (and following one) is very foreign. The only time some people have ever lived on any kind of budget is when money was tight and it was the only way to survive pay to pay.

The reality is that living on a budget doesn’t have to mean budget living! In fact, living on a budget can actually free up money you didn’t even realise you had, for luxuries you’d never imagined you could afford.

Why ‘The Basic Budgeter’?

I’ve started this site as a branch off from Keep Calm Get Organised as a place to share tips, tricks and ideas to budget better, save money and spend smarter. When I talk about budgeting I’m not referring to frugal living. While I’m happy to share tips for saving money with a bit of frugality, the focus of the site is actually on making the most of your money, being smart and building your financial literacy along the way.

I’m actually a bit of a princess when it comes to luxuries. I like nice hotels, I’m happy to splurge on a fancy dinner and I adore buying presents. I do value a good bargain and I don’t like wasting money, and that’s why I’m all about budgeting!

Budgeting isn’t just for those on a tight income. Even the biggest companies in the world work to a budget. A budget doesn’t mean you don’t spend money or that you only buy cheap stuff, it just means you manage money with a plan.

We have never lived on a huge income; in fact, we’ve mostly been on a below average family income due to me being at home with our kids. Despite this, we’ve managed to live very comfortably in one of the most expensive areas of Sydney purely by being smart with money.

Budgeting has meant that our expenses are planned for. I can splurge on gifts, nice experiences or holidays if we want because we don’t waste money on things without even realising. It has meant we don’t have to live pay to pay and there is no stress when a bill arrives.

To me, budgeting is about planning and organisation. I have written budgeting and money saving tips on Keep Calm Get Organised, but here on The Basic Budgeter I’ll be able to focus on a broader range of personal finance topics. We’ll be tackling everything from how to budget (including what I refer to as my digital envelope system, which is a super easy and automated way to manage your money), tips on saving, investing, household expenses, insurance, property and a whole heap of ideas for living on less as well as making the most of what you have.

The focus won’t be specifically on frugal living because I believe budgeting is for everyone, from those living on a super tight budget through to those in the very wealthy range. The reality is that financial literacy is essential at every stage of life, and I’m particularly interested in tackling these kids of topics in an accessible, relevant and practical way.

I hope you enjoy what The Basic Budgeter has to offer, and I look forward to sharing more with you over the coming weeks and months. If you haven’t already, make sure you pop over and join our Facebook group and like the Facebook page.

Plus, if you’ve got specific topics you’d like to see covered, feel free to leave a comment below.

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  • Seana Smith

    Hello, I will be a keen reader next year when for the first time as a family, I’m planning to run a proper budget… gulp!

    • mathompsonlaing

      Good luck Seana, it’s not as scary as it sounds. Once you get started you will be fine 🙂

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